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All You Need to Know About Asphalt Roofing

We all know that now lots of roofing manufacturers as well as roofing industry associations are coming up with latest and advanced roofing installation methods. Experts have not so far suggested and advised for DIY approach for this installation method. Instead they have requested people to hire experts to process this roof installation task. Here you can check out what roofing companies Nassau County have to say about asphalt roofing.

One needs to make sure that this roofing job is done properly, otherwise, you are going to see many leakage problems. Bad roofing may damage other zones of your home as well. Before you carry out this job, you should get professional guidance from Roofing contractors Nassau. Avoid taking risks and experimenting in this area.

Basics on Asphalt Roofing

Most importantly, this is the most common and popular roofing material so far in the state of North America. In addition, this material is immensely durable and affordable. You can have it range of styles, varieties and color options. It is easily and conveniently available in the market. The best part of using this roofing material is that its single layer of asphalt shingles can seamlessly get covered with some new shingles and you do not have to remove your old roof in this regard.

We have generally seen that this asphalt shingle installation is marked as one of the DIY-friendly projects so far. Its installation process is speedy enough and by looking at the current architectural asphalt shingles, we have noticed that they are packed with three-dimensional design. Upon installing them, you will get a feel as if you have installed a wood shake roof.

Tips to Install Asphalt Roofing

  • If you are planning to go for asphalt roofing, then keep in mind that this shingling actually and specifically starts at the roof edge side. First of all, you have to create a starter strip. You can start cutting down tabs of your very first shingle and later on discard them.
  • Moreover, if you are planning to re-shingle an existing roof, then carry out this process with the help of standard three-tab shingles. In addition, you need to install the starter strip right there over the reveal area. Create a flat surface and properly guide your layout by using your old shingles.
  • As soon as you keep your asphalt shingles in place, then try moving them to the third course and start to cut them down to 12 inches. Until and unless this roofing installation job is not done, you need to continue progressing right up the roof.
  • Most noteworthy, nail the very first shingle 6 inches narrower and once you are done with the sixth course, then you have to start the pattern and layout process again. Avoid completing this process lengthwise. If you complete this process lengthwise, then you have to constantly reposition your ladder.

This is all the basic information that we have collected for you on asphalt roofing. For more details on this roofing material, keep tuned with us. You can follow this same shingling procedure to complete the roofing installation process of your rows. In addition, you can let us know which roofing material you have got on your roof and how you maintain it.